About Us

Elegante Virgule is an online shop
based out in Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

Elégante Virgule = French translation for Elegant Comma.

Comma = a punctuation mark that indicates a pause in a sentence.

As much as a pause can be elegant. A little break can be classy, in our overwhelming and busy life for must of us. 

Elegante Virgule on Etsy

When I created Elegante Virgule in January 2018 on Etsy, I wanted it to be a place for useful and creative items, and yet relaxing and beautiful sewed articles : Notebook quilted fabric covers, MakeUp Remover wipes made with organic fabrics, Drawstring shoe bags for men... And eventually full finished quilts with likewise high quality cottons. 

While I have known Madras fabrics for decades actually, because I was blessed to have lived for a few years in the Caribbean, I never really considered using these gorgeous fabrics for quilting until my days on Etsy. Madras is traditionally used for dresses, hats or even tablewares but not for quilting. Probably because their origins and the quilting world were from different perspectives (see more details about Madras history). Anyway, I then became a new genre of quilter using Madras! And then when doing so, I started to get requests from my fellow quilters in the community to sell the Madras Fabric itself directly to them ! 

That's how I got from sewing bags to selling goods on Etsy... to become a Madras Retailer :)

That is how I decided to launch my own website. Even if my Etsy shop is still open (for now) and dedicated to the finished products and Madras Fat Quarters. This website is more for anyone who wants to purchase larger quantities and By the Yard (By the Meter) fabrics with very interesting discounts compared to the Market (and my Etsy prices for FQs).

At the same time, I realized that the gorgeous Liberty Of London fabrics can also be part of this amazing adventure of mine. Knowing how wonderful are the Tana Lawn cottons and the amazing story behind each print. And eventually, as you can start to see, Tilda Fabrics from Norway will also be part of this extraordinary journey !

If you have any question or special requests, please feel free to contact us.