Madras Fabric, Elegante Virgule Canada, Quilting Cotton ShopDo you know what is Madras Fabric?

The name is originating from the old city in India and were started to be used back in the 17th century (in 1685) in the Caribbean islands. With the new Black Code then, the slaves gained the right to obtain cloth clothes or 7.52 m of fabrics. Many people of color became couturiers or tailors and invented the Creole fashion, which is the fusion between the Caribbean and European culture, using this gorgeous and very specific fabric (source

The Madras Fabric we sell at Elegante Virgule 

Unlike other madras fabric sold elsewhere that are made of Polyester (even partially) and from China. The Madras we sell at Elegante Virgule are carefully curated, only of very high quality 100% cotton. They are exclusively Made in France. We sell the very best Madras Fabric you can find on the market.

100% Woven Cotton

Roll Width (finished/usable): 150 cm (60-62 inches)

Sold by the Half Meter : 50 cm x 150 cm (20 x 60 inches) 

Bulk pricing available. Visit each listing for more info.

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17 of 17 Items